Accident Reporting

Report all claims immediately by calling 1-800-228-8046
Have questions? Download our claims reporting brochure
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When claims are reported late, you lose the advantage of having a great claims team at your disposal. In effect, a delay in claims reporting can increase your claims costs and loss ratio significantly, adding to the ultimate cost of your insurance.

Claims are an inevitable part of doing business. What happens after a loss sets the stage for successful claims resolution. This includes prompt investigation, accurate evaluation, and quick and ethical resolution.

The results of a late reported claim could be loss of evidence, spoiled cargo, changed accident scenes, and increased downtime. Promptly reporting claims makes a dramatic difference in the ultimate cost of an accident claim by allowing our claims staff to conduct thorough investigations, preserve evidence, secure fast and fair settlements, and minimize your downtime.

The key to successful claims resolution is the partnership that exists between Old Republic and its customers. All participants in the claims process must be aggressive in addressing all claims no matter how large or small. The reporting process begins with the driver. How he or she responds can have a huge impact on the outcome of any accident.

When a driver is involved in an accident, they must make sure to secure the accident scene. Once this is accomplished, the driver should immediately telephone Old Republic at 1-800-228-8046. Drivers should call Old Republic from the scene regardless of fault or how minor the accident appears. The driver is in the best position to relay accurate and timely information to Old Republic. Our 24-hour telephone operators can conference in the driver’s safety director or your agent. By directly contacting Old Republic, drivers receive expert advice on proper conduct during an accident investigation.

Our claims staff want to help keep your operation running as smoothly as possible. Your help, however, is needed to ensure that drivers and safety personnel are properly informed about our accident-reporting requirements. As our valued customers, you can make a significant impact on ensuring all claims are immediately reported to Old Republic.