Complaint Procedures

Step 1: Make your complaint to us.

If you are dissatisfied with something the company has done, or a decision the company has made with respect to you, you should communicate with the employee or representative who served you; that person’s contact information should appear on the documents you were given.

» Before communicating with the above:
  1. gather together all of your documents and place them in order;
  2. determine the reason for your dissatisfaction, the questions you want to ask, the case you want to present and the solution you are looking for;
  3. choose how you will communicate: if you phone the employee who served you, it might be better to start by calling to set a telephone appointment; this would allow the employee to get out your file and set aside the necessary time;
  4. if you are writing, attach photocopies of your documents; do not send the originals;
  5. if your complaint is about the actions of an employee (or representative) or an infraction of the law, you should be aware that the resolution of your complaint may not include any financial settlement; if you are seeking financial compensation you must say so.

» When communicating with the company:

  1. go straight to the point, be calm and do not hesitate to ask questions;
  2. make a note of the name of the person you are talking to and the result of your conversation; keep a copy of all correspondence;
  3. allow enough time for the person to respond to your complaint; if the person cannot satisfy you, the employee representative must inform you of the steps you can take to pursue the matter; if your contact does not give this information, ask for it.

Step 2: Filing a formal complaint.

» Every company must designate a complaints officer with whom you can file a formal complaint if you have not received satisfaction at the operational level. Here is the contact information for the complaints officer in our company: Mr. T. Wong, Assistant Vice President,Underwriting Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada, Box 557, Hamilton ON L8N 3K9; Fax 1-866-551-1686; E-mail:

» It is best to make your complaint in writing, and to write the word "complaint" at the top of your letter.

» Give your contact information and describe the reason for your complaint, the steps you have already taken and the response you have received.

» Make your case and describe the solution you want.

» The complaints officer will make sure that the company’s decision and the reasons for it will be communicated to you in writing; if the company makes you an offer, the letter must state clearly what it is and how much time you have to accept or refuse.

Step 3: Write to the independent Ombudsman organization referred to in the company's final position letter.

» If the company is unable to resolve the complaint within a reasonable period of time, it must provide you with a letter outlining its final position and notifying you of your right to have your complaint reviewed by a third party. Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada is a member of an OmbudService under the Financial Services OmbudsNetwork. Complaints involving a Life and Health member company may be taken to the OmbudService for Life & Health Insurance (OLHI).

» The final response will include a notice indicating what alternative dispute resolution mechanism(s) are available if you are still dissatisfied with the response, and the fact that you may seek legal counsel about taking the matter to court.

» Your letter should describe your complaint and why you disagree with the company's position.

» Ensure you enclose the insurance company's letter and all documentation relating to your complaint. This will assist the person assigned to review your complaint.

» It is not necessary to hire a lawyer, but, if you have one, he or she should write the letter to the Ombudsman organization on your behalf. If you are writing on behalf of someone else, include a note signed by that person authorizing you to act for him or her. When it is not possible to obtain an authorization, explain the circumstance in writing.

Step 4: A complaint officer at the independent Ombudsman organization will review your complaint.

Upon receipt of your unresolved complaint, an officer will be assigned to handle your case. You will be advised about the process and what to expect. All unresolved complaints will be reviewed and a response provided.

In all cases, you can expect to have your complaint dealt with in a fair and impartial manner. To learn more about the complaint services of the OLHI visit

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