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Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada is dedicated to serving the special needs of the transportation industry. Seeing things from the trucker's perspective contributes to a successful partnership with our customers.

Insurance Products

We provide insurance coverages that are important to truckers:

Insurance Services

In addition to providing the protection trucking professionals need, we are dedicated to providing these valued services:

Please contact your broker for more information and exact provisions applicable to these policy coverages.

Insurance Products

We provide insurance coverages that are important to truckers. Our focus is on providing a range of products that meet the needs of our clients. Below you will find a brief description of the types of coverages we provide. For more details please contact your nearest broker.

Auto Liability

Our auto liability policy and coverage limits can be tailored to meet your needs. Because we understand the importance of getting drivers on the road quickly, we pride ourselves on issuing the necessary insurance filings promptly.

Physical Damage

Our physical damage coverage helps get your equipment repaired and back on the road. We offer various deductibles, self-insured retentions, location-specific catastrophic coverage, and other flexible options.

Long-term relationships with established repair facilities, towing companies, and parts suppliers add value to our product, because your equipment will get the attention it deserves no matter where you are.

General Liability

This policy covers premises and operations exposures to guard your financial assets, providing broad coverage for bodily injury and property damage (other than autos), personal and advertising injury, some medical expenses, products and completed operations, tenants' legal, contractual liabilities and erroneous delivery of products. All claims are handled by our experienced liability adjusters.


Our cargo forms are some of the best in the industry, providing a comprehensive cargo product that is more than just insurance. Our unique claims-handling process allows us to minimize your loss, as recovery and salvage of your cargo is our priority. We also offer many optional coverages: hired auto cargo, infidelity/dishonesty coverage, or broker/freight forwarding contingent coverage.


If you run a shop, you may be held legally liable for a loss to a non-owned auto. Our garagekeepers product provides physical damage coverage for tractors or trailers that you do not own but are in your possession for towing, servicing, repair or storage. The coverage may compensate the vehicle owner in some cases even if you are not responsible for the loss (such as a loss caused by a tornado). This preserves goodwill, a valuable asset in your relationships with customers, partners, and friends. Property-of-others coverage is also available and is used, for example, when you are working on someone else's loaded trailer and damage is caused to the cargo.

Electronic Equipment

The electronic equipment coverage is used to extend the covered auto's physical damage coverage to include certain electronic items not automatically covered in the policy, such as permanently installed computer systems, fax machines, video cameras, satellite tracking systems, two-way radios, etc.

Insurance Services

In addition to providing the protection trucking professionals need, we are dedicated to providing the following valued services.

Safety Services

The key to reducing lost time on the road and eliminating lost revenue as a result of accidents is prevention. Our Safety Services Department provides seminars, video/audio resources, newsletters, and other valuable resources for safety management and regulatory compliance information. We are committed to gaining knowledge of the trucking industry and sharing it with our customers. We provide these services at no charge to our fleet trucking clients with 10 or more power units.

Claims Adjustment

Fast, efficient claims service is essential. Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada has knowledgeable physical damage and cargo professionals who can handle claims quickly and get you back on the road. If necessary, we can utilize our own aircraft to reach the scene of an accident to launch an immediate investigation, to salvage perishable loads, and to protect your interests. Our seasoned liability adjusters and legal departments are experienced in handling complex claim cases.

Customers have access to our claims services 24 hours a day, every day of the year through one toll-free call: (800) 228-8046 (U.S. or Canada). This claims reporting hotline is manned by our own claims staff, so they are always there with the resources needed to help you.


Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada strives to provide the best claims service possible. What happens after a loss sets the stage for successful claims resolution. This includes prompt investigation, accurate evaluation, and ethical resolution while delivering the highest levels of customer service. As part of the evaluation process, our adjusters will determine the extent of physical damage, what (if any) liability exists, and which party was at fault.

If we believe another party is negligent or legally liable for your damages, we will attempt to recover those benefits paid under your policy through negotiation or litigation. This process is known as subrogation.

Paid losses affect your loss experience, which may raise your premium. Our subrogation specialists and attorneys will seek reimbursement from the party whose negligence caused your loss, and will assist you in seeking recovery of your deductible and losses paid. In addition, our team works closely with other Great West claims departments (physical damage and liability) to coordinate efforts to help expedite the subrogation process. Upon recovery, all subrogated damages are credited to your loss experience.

Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada may also assist your legal counsel in the recovery of your damages such as deductibles, downtime, and other miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of the accident.

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